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Raise A Considerable Amount Of Money

A Charity quiz night can raise a considerable amount of money, but there are several factors involved in the equation to calculate the potential amount of money that can be raised.

Though saying that, the equation is relatively straight forward.

PROFIT = [(Entrance fee per team X Number of teams) - expenses] +other income from the evening


Here is an example of how much money can be generated:

Say you have 20 teams of 5 people and you charge £5.00 per person to enter - that's £25.00 team, which equates to £500.00 in entrance fees. Obviously you can charge less than this or more and include a meal or disco or include a free drink and some food.

Expenses: This covers things like, hire of the venue, hire of any PA or audio visual equipment, any beverages/food included in the entrance, prizes and purchasing the quiz if you don't compile it yourself.

Say in this case there are expenses of £55.00 to cover the hire of the venue and purchasing a quiz pack for the evening. The prizes have been donated by local businesses - see organising a quiz.


Other Income From The Evening

So we are now left with £445.00. Now this is the really interesting part of the equation "other income from the evening". Believe it or not you can raise additional money in the interval using a couple of simple techniques.

Have a raffle and sell raffle tickets at 25 pence each or a strip for £1.00, (normally 5 tickets per strip) most people will buy a strip for £1.00. Now say 60% of the people in the room buy at least 1 strip, that is £60.00 and 20% of the people in the room buy 2 strips - £40.00 so the prize draw will have raised £100.00.

At the end of the evening of quiz questions, the raffle is drawn before the results of the quiz night are announced.

Another idea is using football scratchcards, which work on the following basis. You have a card with 80 football teams on it. If 80 people from the venue pay £2.00 per team, the total amount raised is £160.00.
Once all of the teams are purchased the scratch panel is rubbed off and the winning team is revealed.

The person who chose the winning team gets £50.00, which leaves £110.00 profit.

There are other extra tie ins you can do on the actual night which will generate even more money for your charity. Some people like to hold an auction of items and services donated by businesses or an auction of promises.




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